Pleasant Hill Man Accused of Shooting at Wife in Domestic Dispute, Leads Cops on SWAT Standoff

Pleasant Hill Man Accused of Shooting at Wife in Domestic Dispute, Leads Cops on SWAT StandoffSource: Google Street View
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on December 09, 2023

Tensions remain high in Pleasant Hill, where an armed man has barricaded himself inside his residence, leading to an ongoing standoff with police, according to official updates from the local police department

The Central County SWAT team, backed up by crisis negotiators, has been working persistently since last night to resolve the situation. Efforts included repeated attempts to contact Saechao through loudspeakers and telephone after the police responded to a domestic dispute where Saechao's wife was reportedly shot at by her husband and treated for minor injuries, according to Hoodline.

Pleasant Hill authorities, dealing with the volatile situation, have maintained the shelter-in-place for the Sherman Oaks neighborhood; additionally, Monument Blvd. remains closed in both directions, as indicated by the official Pleasant Hill Police Department. The incident began with a welfare check initiated by the victim, escalating to the current standoff. Her husband's posts on social media further complicated matters by suggesting suicidal intentions, although he is not considered an immediate threat to neighbors.

The authorities have been tight-lipped on their next move as the situation unfolds but have emphasized that efforts to bring the incident to a peaceful conclusion are ongoing. Lt. Jason Kleven detailed the disengagement of the SWAT team due to the assessment that Saechao posed no immediate public threat while reaffirming active investigations by Pleasant Hill Police in a statement reported by Hoodline.