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Bear Reworks Christmas Decor in Longwood, Florida, Sparking Festive Frenzy

Bear Reworks Christmas Decor in Longwood, Florida, Sparking Festive FrenzySource: Unsplash/ Mark Basarab
Livi Miller
Published on December 08, 2023

A bear in Longwood decided to redecorate a family's Christmas display in its way. In an event captured by the Levin family's home security system, a bear was spotted engaging in its version of merry-making by taking down the family's Christmas decorations, reported WSVN.

Homeowner EJ Levin shared with WSVN that their yard, which had been decorated since Black Friday, became the playground of a bear that toppled their decorations. "I didn’t even see it, it wasn’t until my wife called and said, ‘Did you see what happened?'” Levin said.

According to FOX13 News, at around 3:42 a.m., the Levin's Ring camera caught the moment when the bear approached the decorations and, finding the first reindeer unamusing, knocked it down. The bear then gravitated towards the middle reindeer.

"Not even scared, it looked like he put his paw on the deer just to test it out and was like, ‘Yeah, no, down. It was comical, just comical,'" according to the family's interview with WSVN. Levin told the news outlet, with the kids declaring, 'Oh my God! It’s so great!' as they reacted to the footage with unfettered excitement.

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