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Published on February 26, 2024
Boston's Week of Weather Whiplash, From Fog and Rain to Gusts and Weekend SunshineSource: Unsplash/ todd kent

Bostonians brace for a varied platter of weather this week, with the National Weather Service detailing a forecast that includes everything from sunny spells to gusty winds and rain. Today will witness cloudy skies giving way to clearer weather, with temperatures rising to approximately 51 degrees, whereas later in the night, a blanket of patchy fog is expected post 4 a.m., as temps drop to the low thirties, according to NWS.

The fog should lift by Tuesday morning presenting a golden window with a high near 53 degrees, but this respite is brief as the National Weather Service warns of rain rolling in past midnight, Tuesday is expected to be the week's outdoor sweet spot with a clear sky the likes of which descends seldom in this season. NBC Boston echoes similar sentiments in their reporting, nudging Tuesday as the opportune moment to revel outside before weather turns sour.

The middle of the week won't be quite as pleasant, with an 80% chance of rainfall and hefty wind gusts—southerners might face blasts as fierce as 41 mph. As per NBC Boston, coastal dwellers are in for a blustery Wednesday, where the tumult of the wind might peak to 55 mph, Meanwhile, all hands should batten down the hatches as a cold front trudges through, dragging the last of the rain with it into Thursday, leaving less than an inch to tell of its passing.

Post the midweek deluge, Thursday will dawn brisk and slow to brighten as snow might dust higher elevations, and the wind will linger as a staunch reminder of the tumult once present although the wind continues, skies should dry as temperatures dip sharply throughout the day. Come Friday, Boston will wake to a crisp morning followed by a climbing mercury, with NBC Boston forecasting a sunny Friday and a gradual return to mid-50s by the weekend, a narrative that harmonizes with the National Weather Service who anticipates a partly sunny Sunday with highs nearing 57 degrees.