Burglary Spree Strikes Chicago's Near North Side Restaurants, Police Seek Public's Help

Burglary Spree Strikes Chicago's Near North Side Restaurants, Police Seek Public's HelpSource: Chicago Police Department
Damon R. Sheffield
Published on February 12, 2024

Chicago's Near North Side has been hit by a burglary spree, leaving local restaurants on edge as police reveal details of a series of break-ins. As reported by The Chicago Sun-Times, a string of 12 burglaries targeting eateries in the area occurred between Jan. 9 and Feb. 6, mostly in the early morning hours. Culprits, comprising one to three men and a woman, are said to have forcibly pried open patio doors to make off with money and cash registers.

Authorities describe the suspects as determined – one to three men and a woman, methodically engaged in the criminal acts, with the men believed to be between 30 and 35 years old, standing 5-feet-6 to 5-feet-8 inches tall, and weighing around 160 to 170 pounds. The female suspect is thought to be 20 to 30 years old. In a bid to enhance public safety and prevent further incidents, the Chicago Police Department is urging anyone with information to swiftly come forward and contact the detectives at 312-744-8263.

The affected blocks are reeling in the aftermath. According to NBC Chicago, burglaries were particularly concentrated, with four taking place on the first block of West Kinzie Street. Two more each occurred on the 600 block of Orleans Street, the 100 block of West Kinzie Street, and the 100 block of West Illinois Street. Additionally, the 800 block of North State Street and the 300 block of West Hubbard Street were each hit by one burglary.

The Chicago Police Department has reached out to the community, encouraging vigilance and improved security measures for businesses. The details shared by the department are to be, although scant, critical in helping to weave together the narrative of events that have unsettled the restaurant owners of Near North Side. As investigations unfold, the unity within the community and cooperation with law enforcement aim to ensure that swift justice is served and to possibly deter an imminent repeat of such crimes.