Chicago Police Issue Alert as Motor Vehicle Thefts Spike in Grand Crossing, Residents Urged to Secure Cars

Chicago Police Issue Alert as Motor Vehicle Thefts Spike in Grand Crossing, Residents Urged to Secure CarsSource: Chicago Police Department
Jo Marquez
Published on February 12, 2024

The streets of Chicago's 3rd District have become the hunting grounds for vehicle thieves, as multiple incidents of motor vehicle thefts have been reported throughout February. The Chicago Police Department has released a community alert, urging residents of Grand Crossing and surrounding areas to exercise caution and enhance security measures for their automobiles after a spike in thefts and attempted thefts.

To combat the rising tide of these crimes, authorities are advising car owners to always remove their keys, lock their vehicles, and never leave them unattended while running. In a string of thefts, which Chicago Police reported, vehicles were legally parked and later discovered to be missing.

The crimes are concentrated in specific geographic locations with incidents occurring on the 6600 Block of South Stony Island Ave., 6300 Block of South Stony Island Ave., 1700 Block of East 72nd St., 7200 Block of South Bennett Ave., 6900 Block of South East End Ave., and the 7200 Block of South East End Ave. Police records show that these incidents have been occurring at various times throughout the day and night, keeping car owners on high alert.

As precautionary steps, CPD is also sharing actionable advice with community members - urging them to report any suspicious activity immediately and to make sure to properly secure their vehicles. They have also advised Kia and Hyundai owners to obtain anti-theft steering wheel locks from their local CAPS office and have encouraged residents to have a traceable marking etched into their vehicle's catalytic converter. Moreover, the city is offering reimbursements for the cost of installing GPS tracking devices on vehicles. These combined efforts are part of a wider push to not only catch the perpetrators but also to discourage future theft attempts.

Any information on suspicious activities or details about the vehicle thefts should be promptly reported to 911.