Daly City Rocked by Crime Wave, From Target Shoplifting to Spree of Vehicle Burglaries

Daly City Rocked by Crime Wave, From Target Shoplifting to Spree of Vehicle BurglariesSource: Google Street View
Eileen Vargas
Published on February 08, 2024

Thieves hit Daly City hard with a string of robberies and burglaries over the past week, according to the latest Daly City Police Crime Bulletin. On February 4, three suspects engaged in coordinated shoplifting at Target in Serramonte Shopping Center. They swiped $460 in merchandise and threatened to make an asset protection specialist, only to be foiled when their cartwheels locked up. Police nabbed them as they tried to get away, uncovering foil-lined bags and goods from another store.

Another robbery attempt unfolded on January 31 at Park Plaza Drive and John Daly Boulevard, where a perp made a play for a victim's purse. The cops are still on the tail of the suspect. Toss in a residential burglary on Marshall Way and one commercial hit at Planet Fitness; crooks made off with personal items totaling over $565.

Adding insult to injury, Daly City didn’t catch a break from car burglaries either, with five vehicles forced open, collaring everything from construction tools to electronics. In a brazen string of acts, every corner of the city felt the sting, right down to the 1300 block of Skyline Drive, where some thief couldn't resist a pair of AirPods in a Honda CRV.

But for those keeping score, not all those behind the wheel got off scot-free. Five vehicles went missing, with two finding their way back home thanks to some eagle-eyed policing. Whether it's the shiny Camaro from 90th Street or the sturdy Honda Pilot from Higate Drive, Daly City’s car thieves didn’t discriminate—attempting even to rip off a Chevrolet Express on South Hill Boulevard and Polaris Way.

Amid the 137 cases that kept the police busy, Daly City also grappled with its share of domestic disturbances, involuntary psychiatric holds, vandalism, public intoxication, hit-and-runs, and drug-related incidents.