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Published on February 21, 2024
East Palo Alto Man Arrested, Charged with Prowling and Attempted Burglary in Redwood CitySource: Redwood City Police Department

A man from East Palo Alto has been arrested on charges of prowling and attempted burglary in Redwood City, according to the Redwood City Police Department (RCPD). The suspect, identified as 23-year-old William ChavezJimenez, was snagged on February 19th following a series of investigations into crimes thought to be connected.

These investigations were initially sparked by a prowling incident that took place on February 10th on the 1000 block of Harrison Avenue and a separate nighttime burglary on the 1500 block of Valota Road. RCPD detectives worked to quickly piece together a lead, which they then shared with nearby law enforcement agencies to effectively spread out the lookout for the suspect. It didn't take too long for an eagle-eyed San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Deputy to eventually spot and to immediately act upon recognizing the suspect within the 800 block of Walnut, where ChavezJimenez was again allegedly attempting to breach a private residence.

The Deputy promptly reached out to RCPD, as stated in a press release on Redwood City PD's official Facebook page. Police detectives responded, interrogated ChavezJimenez, and subsequently booked him into the San Mateo County Jail. The details of the arrest were approved for distribution by the Investigations Division Commander, Lieutenant Nick Perna.

Alongside the announcement of his arrest, RCPD has circulated images of various items that were recovered from ChavezJimenez at the time of his detention. These items are believed to possibly be stolen. The Redwood City Police Department is urging the public to assist in the identification of these items by contacting Detective Ottersen at 650-780-2620 if they recognize any of the items, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the community and law enforcement working together towards a safer environment.