Family Demands Public Release of Unedited Bodycam Footage After Fatal Police Shooting in Carol Stream

Family Demands Public Release of Unedited Bodycam Footage After Fatal Police Shooting in Carol StreamSource: Carol Stream Police Department
Damon R. Sheffield
Published on February 12, 2024

The family of Isaac Goodlow III, who was fatally shot by Carol Stream police, is calling for the immediate release of the bodycam footage to the public. The footage in question stems from a domestic violence incident that occurred in the early morning of February 3 at the Villagebrook Apartments, as confirmed by local authorities.

In statements both to FOX 32 Chicago and WGN-TV, the Goodlow family expressed their dismay upon viewing what they describe as "manicured, redacted, and heavily edited" video footage provided by the police. They have condemned the officers' actions as "depraved", claiming the officers acted "recklessly and in violation of Isaac’s constitutional rights when they shot and murdered an unarmed Black man while he was quietly in the bedroom of his own apartment." The family's viewing of the video took place on February 9th, yet no unedited footage has been released to them or the public.

Acting Chief Brian Cluever of the Carol Stream Police Department has stated that the situation officers encountered was "tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving." Following the incident, the officers, who remain unnamed, were placed on paid leave. This is in line with the department's policy while the investigation, being conducted by the state’s attorney’s office and the DuPage Public Integrity Unit, is pending.

Additional context to the tragic event was provided last week when the family revealed that Goodlow, 30, was bipolar and may have been experiencing a mental health episode at the time of his death, according, to the family's attorney Andrew Stroth. They allege the bodycam footage has been selectively edited and are demanding accountability, with the family's statement asserting, "The family is devastated by what they saw and heard on the police body-cam videos."

A vigil to honor Isaac Goodlow III is scheduled for Monday evening, and the Carol Stream Police Department, as well as village officials, have stated that they understand the family's and the public's need for transparency. The body-cam footage will be released once authorities believe it will not interfere with the ongoing investigation. For updates and further information on this case, please refer to the original reports by FOX 32 Chicago and WGN-TV.