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Published on February 21, 2024
Miami Enjoys Mild Weather with Sunny Skies, Slight Weekend Variability ForecastedSource: Google Street View

Miami locals can expect to continue enjoying the pleasant weather with sunny skies and mild temperatures, according to forecasts. The National Weather Service predicts "Sunny, with a high near 72" for today, accompanied by a "North wind 10 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph." This evening, the forecast anticipates "Mostly clear, with a low around 55" and winds persisting at a northerly direction.

As reported by NBC Miami, the region's "clear skies, low humidity and northerly breeze continues", making for a delightful stretch of weather, further stating that "Kendall has already dipped below 50 early Wednesday." The article also boldly looks ahead to emphasize that Thursday is expected to nearly mirror Wednesday's comfortable conditions.

The upcoming weekend does introduce some variability, with NBC Miami giving a heads up for "a few showers across South Florida early Saturday," with an otherwise dry forecast following swiftly afterwards, including all of Sunday. Onto the start of next week, South Floridians should prepare to welcome back the cooler weather pattern, featuring crisp mornings and agreeable mid-70s daytime highs.

Notably, the end of the week promises to amp up the heat a touch, as winds are "to quickly switch to the south on Friday," potentially pushing temperatures close to an 80-degree high. In contrast to this brief uptick, Sunday's forecast signifies a drop with "morning temperatures back to the 50s and highs back to the mid-70s," fitting snugly within the norms for this time of the year, when average highs linger around 79 degrees. This moderate climate dance – a rhythmic oscillation between the mild and the warm – is quintessential of South Florida's February weather canvas, as per the information provided by NBC Miami.

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