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Published on February 14, 2024
Miami's Valentine's Day Graced with Cool Breeze, Weekend Showers on HorizonSource: Google Street View

Love may be in the air for Valentine's Day, but so is a cool breeze courtesy of a cold front that swept through Miami. After a brisk morning in the 50s, sun-seekers can expect an afternoon rebound into the mid-70s, with conditions prime for outdoor romance—or any kind of hustle under the South Florida sun, as NBC Miami reports. Clear skies are on the menu, with no rain to dampen the spirits of the love-struck or the solitary hearts.

As we move through the week, there's a warming trend on the horizon. tomorrow's expected to nudge us back into the morning 60s, and by Friday, that familiar Miami heat will be back with afternoon temperatures climbing into the 80s, according to National Weather Service. The weekend offers a blend of warmth, and humidity, with a slight chance of rain to cut through the sizzle.

Saturday's seemingly carefree highs near 81 will give way to showers likely kickstarting sometime after 1am, so if you’re out late, you might want to keep that umbrella handy. While the chance of rain sits at a noncommittal 20 percent during the day, it ramps up to a more decisive 60 percent as the night unfolds. Sunday promises a taste of meteorological drama with breezy conditions, gusts as high as 25 mph, and an 80 percent chance of showers to wash over any remnants of the week's balminess. So, consider shelving the beach plans and maybe catch a movie instead.

But those looking forward to some relief from the mugginess won't be disappointed. The start of the next week dials back the heat and humidity, ushering in cooler and drier air. The holiday designated in honor of George Washington comes with a partly sunny high near 72 and just a whisper of a chance for showers, a mild backdrop for those celebrating the nation's founding father, as the National Weather Service adds.

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