One Injured as Runaway Muni Bus Crashes in Daly City, Authorities Investigate Unusual Incident

One Injured as Runaway Muni Bus Crashes in Daly City, Authorities Investigate Unusual IncidentSource: Google Street View
Eric Tanaka
Published on February 09, 2024

A Muni bus took a wild ride in Daly City yesterday afternoon, leaving one person injured after it careened off course and crashed. The incident went down near the intersection of Mission and Flournoy streets just before the clock struck 4 p.m. Officials said the commuter chaos was caused by a "runaway coach" coming from the hilltop, per a report from CBS News Bay Area.

The wayward vehicle, a 14 Mission bus, avoided striking other cars but came to rest precariously atop the median. Shaken passengers scrambled to safety, including one with a walker, while the distressed driver was caught on a nearby smoke shop's security footage, looking visibly distraught. Nelson Ramirez, in an interview with NBC Bay Area, recounted his harrowing leap from the moving bus, "I saw that the bus doors were open and I saw that people were starting to jump out of the bus. So, I jumped too."

Following their unceremonious disembarkment, Ramirez, a 14-year-old passenger, noticed that his fingers were bleeding profusely – a stark indication of the ordeal's immediate physical toll. He later sought medical attention, learning from x-rays that his wrist had sprained, bearing mute testimony to a concrete kissed by force and fear. At least one other person required hospital treatment at the scene, yet their condition remained undisclosed.

Hours after the incident, authorities managed to remove the bus. Having been lodged in a tough spot until it was towed away later that evening, according to NBC Bay Area. A statement provided by the SFMTA that night was terse: "We're investigating this matter and can't comment further." Daly City police had taken up the cudgels for investigation, devolving the SFMTA to await the outcomes of their review.

While Muni officials reassured that the regular route of the 14 Mission bus would be altered in response to the incident, the full extent of the crash's impact on Muni operations and passengers' psyches hangs in the balance, with no additional information being immediately available.