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Published on February 26, 2024
Plane Skids Off Runway at Moultonborough Airport, No Injuries as First Responders Swiftly Contain Minor Fuel LeakSource: Facebook/Moultonborough Fire Rescue

A small plane veered off the runway yesterday evening at Moultonborough Airport, and remarkably, no one was hurt. Firefighters from Moultonborough, assisted by Stewart’s Ambulance, were quickly on the scene following the incident, which occurred at 5:18 pm.

According to the official Facebook page of Moultonborough Fire Rescue, a single-engine aircraft was discovered lodged in the tree line adjacent to the runway. The passengers had already exited the aircraft by the time the emergency services arrived, and with a fuel leak reported as very minor, they had managed to prevent any further hazards.

The cause of the scare at the small New Hampshire airfield is still under wraps, with authorities noting that an investigation into the mishap is currently underway. Details of the aircraft's departure point, intended destination, and the identity of its occupants have not been released.

Luckily, as confirmed by Moultonborough Fire Rescue, "All occupants were out of the aircraft, no injuries were reported and a very minor fuel leak had been mitigated." The quick response by the rescue team ensured the incident didn't escalate, and the local community breathes a sigh of relief at the absence of casualties.