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Published on February 24, 2024
San Francisco Jury Convicts Man in String of Auto Burglaries, Faces Over 8 Years in PrisonStock Rendering

San Francisco's streets have got one less predator prowling for loot, as Victor Matute-Casco, a 28-year-old local, was convicted by a jury for a series of vehicular burglaries, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office announced. The thief, linked to no less than six auto break-ins and one failed attempt in just one night across the Excelsior and Crocker Amazon neighborhoods, now faces over eight years behind bars.

In the early morning hours of September 8, 2023, Matute-Casco made the fateful decision to target vehicles, which led to his capture by the eagle-eyed officers of Ingleside Station after he was spotted lurking under a car with a flashlight—his personalized attire and a stash of power tools connecting him to the crimes. His conviction on multiple burglary counts and further misdemeanors, send a clear signal, said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, "Auto burglary continues to be a top concern for residents and visitors of our city" and she's bent on ending the free-for-all on San Francisco's streets, ensuring that "prolific auto burglars face consequences."

Assistant District Attorney Kourtney “Korey” M. Bell, along with a team of district attorney investigators and support staff, successfully presented evidence and worked closely with the victims leading to Matute-Casco's downfall. Bell, in a testament to civic duty, expressed "deep and sincere admiration for the jurors" and warned would-be criminals that San Francisco is done tolerating such flagrant violations of its citizen's property, essentially advising to think again before eyeing a car window with bad intentions.

While Matute-Casco cools his heels in custody awaiting sentencing on March 13, 2024, the city of San Francisco can rest a tad easier, the case signifies an ongoing commitment to crack down on property crime and uphold the diligence of law enforcement agents and forensic teams whose careful investigations led to the successful prosecution of an individual who thought he could operate with impunity.