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Published on February 28, 2024
San Francisco Man Found Guilty of Felony Firearm Possession After McDonald's AltercationSource: Google Street View

A San Francisco jury nailed a local man on the charge of carrying heat illegally, the city's DA's office reported. Kabari Tukes, a 30-year-old San Francisco resident, was found guilty this week after a trial put him on the spot for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In a scene that turned from a fast-food fiasco to a firearms felony, Tukes reportedly lost his cool at a McDonald’s over his order, bullying the staff to the point where cops had to step in. Before the police could show up, Tukes ditched the scene but returned to continue his tirade, earning him a swift arrest. Parked nearby, his red Mitsubishi turned out to be more than a getaway car – cops discovered a loaded semi-automatic ready to pop in his backpack, according to the San Francisco DA's announcement.

With prior felony convictions holding him back, Tukes wasn't allowed to have such firepower at his fingertips. His DNA on the pistol confirmed it was his, tying up the case for attorney Matt Donahue and his legal squad.

The case was nailed down with help from various District Attorney’s office members, including investigator Perla Ortiz and paralegals like Jen Java and Sara Wong. ADA Donahue didn't mince words about the matter: "Guns do not belong in the hands of those whose prior conduct, has demonstrated that they are a danger to our community." Sentencing for Tukes is on the books for March 25, where he could see up to three years behind bars.