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Published on February 21, 2024
San Mateo Police Arrest Trio Suspected of Retail Theft at Lululemon, Intensify Crackdown on Organized CrimeSource: San Mateo Police Department

Thieves caught red-handed at a Lululemon store in San Mateo have been arrested, San Mateo Police Department reported. Law enforcement officials revealed that last night, Loss Prevention officers at the upscale athletic apparel store observed three individuals stashing merchandise into bags and attempting to facilitate fraudulent returns. Upon being alerted, the San Mateo Police acted swiftly, apprehending the suspects as they walked out with an estimated $1,400 stolen goods.

The store's quick call to the police proved pivotal in nabbing the trio, who were detained on the spot without any trouble; they would soon find out the group was suspected of conducting a spree of other retail thefts throughout the North Bay. Among them, one of the culprits had an outstanding warrant for her arrest related to theft, the warrant itself pegged at a staggering $200,000. The San Mateo Police Department, in sharing the news, hinted that this capture is only the beginning of a broader crackdown on organized retail theft as they join forces with neighboring law enforcement agencies, according to their release.

This latest incident is part of an increasing wave of organized retail thefts that have forced local businesses and law enforcement to bolster their defense strategies against such crimes. The San Mateo Police Department has committed to intensifying efforts to tackle these criminal rings, promising that residents will see a rise in these arrests as collaborative initiatives with the Daly City and San Bruno Police Departments come to fruition, a push they say is dedicated to fighting the surge of such targeted thefts.