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Published on February 28, 2024
Stuart, Florida Set for Connectivity Boost with New Brightline High-Speed Train StationSource: Brightline

Officials in Stuart, Florida have announced that the city has been chosen for a new Brightline high-speed train station, setting the stage for improved connectivity in the Treasure Coast region. Stuart Mayor Rebecca Bruner expressed her enthusiasm to CBS News Miami, saying, "I'm just so excited. It means so much to our community, the future is bright for the next generation."

The approval caps off a period of competition with other cities, notably Fort Pierce, which was also vying for a station. Brightline, the eco-friendly rail service that connects South Florida to Central Florida, has yet to formally confirm the announcement but is expected to do so in a matter of weeks. The proposed station will reportedly be built behind the Martin County courthouse, close to the downtown area, which could be a boon for local businesses. As Mayor Bruner put it, "I just think everyone is going to be happy. I think all the businesses downtown, if you want to open up a business, maybe now will be a good time," she told CBS News Miami.

Some residents remain concerned about the potential increase in traffic, particularly around the challenging 'confusion corner', a busy roundabout intersection downtown. However, the station's strategic location would allow passengers to easily explore Stuart’s restaurants and shops on foot, which could help address traffic worries by reducing the need for local car use.

The project's budget is estimated to be at least $60 million. Martin County and Brightline will cover majority of the costs, with the city of Stuart providing for a new parking garage. Moreover, the city intends to lease the land to Brightline at a dollar a year for 80 years, according to details shared by officials. Brightline could take up to five years to inaugurate the new station, as reported by WPBF 25 News. Specifics about the project's construction timeline are still pending.

With the verbal agreement in place, the city is awaiting the official written agreement from Brightline. The anticipation grows as city leaders ready themselves for the next phase of introducing a sustainable transportation option that links Stuart directly with metropolises like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and ultimately, Orlando.

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