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Published on February 19, 2024
Tornadoes Strike South Florida, Survey Teams Assess Damage in Florida Keys and Miami-DadeSource: X/NWS Key West

Weather chaos swept through South Florida yesterday as multiple tornadoes reportedly ripped through the region. According to NBC Miami, one tornado hit the Florida Keys and another was spotted in Southwest Miami-Dade. The National Weather Service in Key West provided confirmation that a twister had traversed Cudjoe Key through the Torch Keys, leaving residents to grapple with the storm's aftermath.

Survey teams from NWS were dispatched yesterday afternoon to assess the extent of the damage in the Keys, which remained uncertain as of their initial reports. NBC Miami detailed a separate tornado encountering SW 8th Street and Krome Avenue, four miles to the north, around 2:55 p.m. — the magnitude of which was unknown at the time, as well as the injury or damage it may have caused.

In a related development, iHeart's WIOD also reported on the severe weather events, adding that homes in the Venture Out mobile home community on Cudjoe Key suffered from significant damage. In the gyre of the tornado, more than a thousand people, Keys Energy customers, were plunged into darkness due to power outages.

Further concerns have arisen as the National Weather Service investigates possible tornadoes in Broward County, specifically in Davie and Pembroke Pines. Fortunately, amidst the turbulence and destruction, no injuries were reported. This investigation by the NWS aims to confirm the events and gather more data on the damage and potential risks to the Broward County residents.

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