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Unoccupied West Boca Raton Weight Loss Clinic Struck by SUV, Major Damages Incurred

Unoccupied West Boca Raton Weight Loss Clinic Struck by SUV, Major Damages IncurredSource: Google Street View
Ethan Anderson
Published on February 12, 2024

A blue SUV plowed into a West Boca Raton weight loss clinic on Saturday evening, causing significant damage to the premises. According to an account from, the crash happened at the CR8 Health clinic located at 8234 Glades Road, a place where the pursuit of wellness often gathers a community seeking better health. The clinic was unoccupied at the time of impact, dodging what could have been a harmful event for clients and staff alike.

The comprehension of the driver's condition or the cause of the accident remained elusive as of Sunday afternoon, with local authorities withholding details about whether the driver, who had not been identified, suffered any medical complication leading up to the crash or simply mistook the accelerator for the brake – a common mishap in these parts. Striving for a swift recovery, clinic representatives have expressed their intentions to resume their services by Monday, even if that means clients will be welcomed by a boarded-up façade rather than new glass.

As further insights provided by WPTV revealed that the vehicle was operated by an 80-year-old woman, accompanied by a man, both of whom declined medical transport after the incident. Dr. Jonathan M. Fields, the business owner, shared with WPTV that the crash had spoiled the lobby, accounting for tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

"Luckily the business was closed and nobody was injured, but it destroyed the lobby and was quite a scare for the owners and everyone passing by that saw it," Dr. Fields told WPTV. He highlighted the fortune of the timing, noting, "But during business hours it could have easily been fatal as that area is usually full of people." His discovery of the accident was prompted by a security alert, initially misconstrued, for his cleaning staff's return visit, set off by the intrusion of the man involved in the crash. CR8 Health, part of the local wellness landscape for the past 18 months, now faces an abrupt challenge in restoring its once peaceful threshold.

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