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Published on March 01, 2024
Bloomington to Start Using New Sales Tax for Ice Garden Makeover, Health Center, and Parks EnhancementSource: City of Bloomington

Big changes are underway in Bloomington as the city gears up to utilize a new sales tax hike approved by voters in last year's elections. It's all about improvements for the local stomping grounds: the Bloomington Ice Garden is set for a makeover, a fresh community health and wellness center is in the blueprint, and there's a green light to enhance the lush Nine Mile Creek corridor and revamp Moir and Central parks. This half-percent sales tax bump is no April Fool's joke: it kicks in on April 1, funneling a cool $155 million into the city's coffers for these ambitious projects.

According to an announcement from city hall, Bloomington Ice Garden is first on the docket for a facelift with work beginning in early 2024, and the whole shebang is tentatively set for a spring 2025 start, it's gonna be shut tight mid-March and should reopen by the year's end, punctually for the flying pucks of the next hockey season.

Turning to health and wellness, the city ain't just breaking ground but breaking bread with the community to see what locals want in their new center. A series of chats and planning pow-wows is on the horizon for summer 2024, so the community's pulse can be taken and stitched into the very fabric of this upcoming hub. The aim is to cut the ribbon and open doors to the public by 2027.

Now, for the green thumbs and nature lovers, the Nine Mile Creek corridor ain't just a treat for the eyes but a cherished corner for the residents, and now it's getting some extra love; with 240 acres of green stretch that already gets a thumbs up from the folks, the Parks and Rec bosses are looking to rally the troops this year for a pow-wow on what's next for the revered Moir Park, they are keeping everyone in the loop on when they can pitch in their two cents at bloomingtonforward.org.