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Published on March 01, 2024
Boynton Beach City Hall Under Fire as Ex-Director and Commission Candidate Decoste Faces Misconduct AllegationsSource: Google Street View

The halls of Boynton Beach City Hall are swirling with controversy as allegations of misconduct between city officials and former human resources director and current Delray Beach Commission candidate Tennille Decoste continue to surface. The Palm Beach Post reported a narrative of back-and-forth accusations involving the misuse of city time and resources, alongside charges of racism and workplace retaliation.

After being informed by City Manager Dan Dugger and City Attorney Shawna Lamb of an investigation into allegations of receiving campaign donations from city employees, Decoste accused the city's leadership of bias, in a move viewed by some as preemptively striking against her detractors. In a statement obtained by the Palm Beach Post, Decoste expressed her concern: "I’m not a disgruntled employee. It’s just I want to get treated equally, like everybody else is." Meanwhile, an outside investigator hired by the city found her guilty of using city resources for campaign purposes, which ultimately led to her dismissal, as BNN Breaking News outlined in their coverage.

The Boynton Beach City Commission has taken the step of escalating the investigation to the Palm Beach County Office of Inspector General, signaling a desire for a clearer, unbiased conclusion. According to BNN Breaking News, this decision underscores the need for impartiality following an initial probe criticized for perceived favoritism towards city officials.

As the community watches, the implications of this case extend beyond the immediate scandal, touching on the broader ideals of governance and the public trust vested in their officials. The intervention of the Inspector General promises a new level of scrutiny, with the potential to restore confidence in the city's operation and the integrity of Decoste's candidacy. According to the report by the Palm Beach Post, Dugger and the city commission have sought the Inspector General, the one agency whose findings wouldn't be so easily criticized for partiality, to take a look. The sooner this happens, the sooner the public can expect a resolution.