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Published on March 04, 2024
Brockton High School Staff Injured in Student Fight Amid Escalating ViolenceSource: Google Street View

Trouble broke out at Massachusetts' largest high school again earlier today, with a fight injuring a staff member at Brockton High School, officials confirmed. The staff member, caught up in the brawl between students, was assessed by the school nurse before being sent home, though the full extent of the injuries remains unknown at this time.

The clash, details of which are still fuzzy, is the latest in a string of violent incidents rattling the educational community here—last week's pleas from school officials for National Guard intervention to subdue the unrest only added to the school's growing infamy. The students involved in the fight will face discipline in line with the district's policies, and the school police are digging into the incident, while Brockton police were on the scene gathering information, as NBC10 Boston and Boston25 News have reported.

Amid the school's turmoil, a video emerged purportedly capturing the fight, showing two figures trading blows in the school corridor, however what lit the fuse on the altercation is yet unclear. This episode is but one in a series, including last month's recorded melee on a stairwell, highlighting a pattern of unchecked violence within the school walls.

Some Brockton School Committee members have labeled the situation a "nightmare," and floated the idea of calling in the National Guard to restore order—a proposal swiftly shot down by Governor Maura Healey and the city's mayor, however, the governor has sanctioned a grant to finance a public safety audit, to better place resources in combating these outbreaks of chaos. The superintendent has since been put on paid leave following a school committee vote—the latest twist in Brockton High School's saga as it grapples with how to stem a tide of student violence within its halls.