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Published on March 30, 2024
Los Altos Police Apprehend Biker with Stolen Credit Cards, Uncover $50,000 in Fraudulent ChargesSource: City of Los Altos Police Department

In the dead of night, Los Altos Police Department officers spotted more than just a safety violation during routine traffic enforcement—a biker without lights was found to be in possession of numerous stolen credit and debit cards. According to a statement from the Los Altos Police Department, the cyclist apprehended on the 4600 block of El Camino Real, was carrying multiple credit and debit cards bearing different names, later confirmed to be stolen.

The discovery unfolded early in the morning, around 1:24 am, once officers determined that the suspect's transportation method lacked the legally required lighting devices. When approaching the subject, not only did they find the cache of other people's financial identities, but one cardholder reported fraudulent charges amounting to over $50,000. After contacting the owners and ascertaining the illegality of the possession, the individual at the center of this scheme was booked into Santa Clara County jail.

Charges against the suspect include possession of stolen property, misappropriation of lost property, and identity theft. The Law enforcement narrative underscores the darker side of bike rides without proper illumination and reflective gear.

The Los Altos authorities used this opportunity to trot out advice for cyclists in a tongue-in-cheek postscript to their report, suggesting riders consider proper lighting or reflective equipment on their bikes and advocate wearing bright-colored clothing over dark clothes and a hoodie.