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Published on March 04, 2024
New Hampshire Man Charged with Impersonating State Police Officer and StalkingSource: Google Street View

A New Hampshire man has found himself behind bars after impersonating a state police officer and orchestrating a chilling stalking campaign. Salisbury’s State Troopers responded to a harrowing call on Sunday, February 25, when a terrified woman reported receiving text messages from an individual claiming to be a high-ranking police official. The malicious sender, posing an ominous vigil over her, asserted that she was under strict surveillance and her residence was being watched, instilling fear with his every message.

As these unnerving texts flooded her phonem the frightened victim noticed a mysterious figure lurking outside her home through her security footage. Despite their immediate response, State Troopers were unable to catch the stalker on the property at the time of the report. However, Trooper Tyler Griffin, with unwavering dedication, launched a full-scale investigation into the matter that would soon lead to a suspect.

In a demonstration of efficient police work, Trooper Griffin's investigation swiftly pinpointed a male suspect, leading to the swift procurement of an arrest warrant. The man was promptly detained on several charges, including felony false personation and misdemeanor counts of harassment, stalking, criminal trespass, and loitering/prowling, according to New Hampshire State Police.

Out of respect for privacy concerns and the protection of the victim, authorities have withheld the name of the suspect. The investigation remains open, and anyone with potential ties or information relevant to this alarming episode is encouraged to step forward. Witnesses or those privy to pertinent details are urged to contact Trooper Tyler Griffin at (603)451-9313 or [email protected].