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Published on March 01, 2024
String of Robberies and Thefts Rattle Daly City, Police Seek Public's Help in InvestigationSource: Google Street View

In a wave of criminal activity striking Daly City, authorities have reported a string of robberies, burglaries, and vehicle thefts that shook the local community last week. The Daly City Police Department released a crime alert bulletin detailing the incidents that transpired from February 19 through February 25.

Among the four robberies reported, a particularly bold theft occurred on February 19 at around 10:25 p.m. Two armed suspects accosted a victim after parking his Dodge Durango on the 1500 block of Sullivan Avenue. With guns pointed, the assailants commandeered the vehicle, containing luxury bags and a smartphone valued at $2,000, while the victim's partner, walking back to check on the delay, faced down the barrel of a gun herself before seeking help from an apartment nearby. These brazen acts of theft extended to business establishments as well, with the Burlington Coat Factory and Nordstrom Rack experiencing thefts, where a manager was threatened and a loss prevention agent was assaulted, respectively. According to statements from the Daly City Police, $500 in goods was taken from Burlington, while shoe thieves pilfered goods worth approximately $630 from Nordstrom Rack.

The bulletin also accounts for a singular residential burglary, where intruders took a modest sum of money, cologne, and electronics from an apartment on Coronado Avenue, entering through a window in the victim's absence. Similarly, a commercial property on Poncetta Drive was broken into, resulting in the theft of valuables and personal items totaling an estimated $15,700.

Vehicular crimes were rampant, with ten cars reported burglarized, showcasing a wide range of stolen items from GPS trackers to clothing. Over the same time frame, police documented ten stolen vehicles, six of which were later recovered. A noteworthy instance of vehicular crime took place on the 1500 block of Sullivan Avenue, where a 2016 Dodge Durango was carjacked by the same suspects involved in the earlier mentioned armed robbery, as noted in the police bulletin. Additionally, authorities responded to several other cases, including domestic disturbances, psychiatric holds, and vandalism within the week.

The Daly City Police Department continues its investigations and seeks public assistance to bring the perpetrators to justice. Encouraging vigilance amongst the residents, the Department also calls for increased neighborhood awareness and cooperation with law enforcement in response to these criminal acts plaguing Daly City.