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Published on April 02, 2024
D.C. Police Investigate Fatal Shooting in Northwest, Resulting in the Death of a Young Man and Injury of AnotherSource: Google Street View

Homicide detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are piecing together the tragic moments that led up to the death of a young man after a burst of gunfire erupted in a Northwest neighborhood. The fatal incident occurred on April 2, just after the witching hour. Cops say they raced to the scene at the 2100 block of 9th Street, responding to reports of shots being fired.

Upon arrival, officers discovered 19-year-old Marquis Ward, of Northwest, D.C., with multiple gunshot wounds. He was hurried to a medical facility for treatment, but the young man succumbed to his injuries, death closing the final chapter of his short life. In the chaotic backdrop, another male was found, grazed by a bullet yet fortunate to escape with a lesser mark. The police report characterized his wounds as minor.

The MPD has not released additional details about the shooting or any potential suspects, but they've issued a call for witnesses. 

As of now, the motive remains shrouded in obscurity. Anyone with information is urged to come forward and assist the MPD in their ongoing homicide investigation.