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Published on April 18, 2024
Domestic Battery Charges Against Miramar Officer Dropped as Alleged Victim Fails to AppearSource: Google Street View

Charges against Miramar Police Officer Orlando Marrero, accused of choking his girlfriend during a dispute, have been dropped. The dismissal followed the alleged victim's failure to appear at two pre-trial conferences and at Marrero's trial, necessitating the state to let the case go. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office stated, "The State had no other choice, but to dismiss the case because the victim, an essential witness, failed to appear for trial and previous mandatory subpoenas," NBC Miami reports.

Though charges have been dropped, the incident, which took place last December, continues to raise questions about police accountability. Marrero, who joined the Miramar Police Department in August 2022, may be looking to quickly resume his duties after this legal hurdle. According to a statement reported by Hoodline, the circumstances of the case underscore the dilemmas faced when officers of the law are accused of violating the very laws they swear to protect. The details of Marrero’s arrest were particularly concerning, as his girlfriend reportedly sustained bruises and scratches indicative of a physical struggle.

Furthermore, an off-duty Medley police officer witnessed the confrontation and reportedly heard a female voice screaming "let me go." This intervention led to Marrero's landing into custody, subsequently leading to his charge of domestic battery by strangulation, as per the arrest report obtained by NBC Miami. Despite these initially grave accusations and the visible signs of an altercation, the turn of events points to a complex intersection where legal process, witness cooperation, and the societal responsibilities of police officers meet head-on.

Marrero's attorney, Stephan Lopez, maintained his client's innocence from the outset. He told Hoodline, "Orlando Marrero is innocent of all charges. He is the true victim in this case and has been for a while but as a man and police officer being the victim of domestic violence is very difficult to confront so he decided to break up and leave." Lopez also suggested that Marrero's ex-girlfriend fabricated the story out of spite over the breakup.

With the legal proceedings behind him and the charges dismissed, Marrero's status with the Miramar Police Department remains undecided.

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