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Published on April 15, 2024
Manhunt in Lauderdale Lakes After Dunkin' Employee Suspected of Shooting in Drive-ThruSource: Google Street View

A Dunkin' employee turned a Monday morning coffee run into a scene of violence in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, opening fire in the drive-thru and leaving one person wounded. Broward County deputies and Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue units descended on the Dunkin' at 3960 W. Oakland Park Blvd, shortly after the shooting occurred at around 8:30 a.m., Local 10 News reported.

One victim, who has yet to be publicly identified, was discovered by officers, suffering from a gunshot wound. "When the shooting occurred, occurred outside, again, in the drive-thru area. Now luckily, during all of this, no one else was injured. This happened at around 8:30 this morning when people are getting their coffee, getting their breakfast, and heading to work, and could’ve been much worse," said BSO Spokesperson Miranda Grossman, according to a WSVN interview. Paramedics rushed the individual to a local hospital for treatment, with their condition not immediately disclosed. While the coffee queue was a routine stop for many, it was disrupted by gunfire that could've escalated, Grossman added.

After firing, the employee fled the scene, sparking a manhunt by local authorities. The store, nestled just east of State Road 7, became a temporary hub for investigation as officers with rifles took positions around the perimeter. Initially, it was unclear whether the shooter had barricaded themselves inside the store; however, it was later confirmed that the suspect was not within.

Later in the day, deputies detained one person related to the incident, though they remain tight-lipped about the identities of both the shooter and the victim. The authorities have not mentioned whether the victim was a fellow employee or a customer. Pointing rifles at the store earlier in the day, a Local 10 News crew heard deputies instructing someone to emerge with hands raised, though this individual was not the shooter.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information to come forward, providing the Broward Crime Stoppers number, 954-493-8477, as a touchpoint for tips. Meanwhile, they urged residents to avoid the area until it was deemed safe. 

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