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Published on April 22, 2024
Quincy's Director of Elder Services Thomas Clasby Placed on Leave Amid Policy ProbeSource: Google Street View

Thomas Clasby, Quincy's long-serving Director of Elder Services, has found himself on paid administrative leave amidst a brewing investigation centered around "city policies and procedures," articulated Christopher Walker, chief of staff to Mayor Thomas Koch. The specifics of these alleged violations remain obscured, though they warrant enough concern for the city to take decisive action, as per NBC Boston.

Clasby previously stumbled into the spotlight back in 2009 under a cloud of controversy. Accused of conflict of interest during his tenure on a board overseeing a senior’s affordable housing complex, he resigned post allegations that he facilitated his parents' move into a designated low-income unit, circumventing the due process for those in need. Despite these past indiscretions, Clasby maintained his directorial role, managing integral aspects of the Council on Aging, as reported by MassLive.

A further detail, drawn from Clasby's service records, indicates a salary just shy of $112,000 in the previous year. His responsibilities as head of the department have included a spectrum of services such as recreational programming, housing assistance, and transport provision, all geared towards the city's elderly population. His uninterrupted leadership since 1997 is public knowledge, easily traced through his profile on the city's online portal.

However, Clasby is not the first Quincy official to face an inquiry in recent times, hinting at a concerning pattern within local governance structures. A police detective related to high-ranked city and state officials was similarly subjected to an investigation, as unearthed by a police report, outlined by The Patriot Ledger, detailed unbecoming advances toward a vulnerable young woman. Legality won the day, with no formal charges laid. Still, the shadow cast by such events lingers, with the present case against Clasby inclining heads towards a possible pattern.

The inquest into Clasby's conduct is still in its infancy, with Waltham law firm Kurker Paget leading the proceedings. This specialized firm, entrusted with workplace investigations, began its deep dive in mid-September. While the results of their scrutiny are pending, the community waits with knotting concerns, the leadership’s promises of transparency hanging in the balance. NBC Boston remains vigilant, ensuring that once the veil of the investigation is lifted, the public will stand informed.