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Published on April 13, 2024
San Francisco Man Sentenced to Probation for Domestic Violence and Elder AbuseSource: Google Street View

A San Francisco man has been meted out three-year probation for a domestic violence ordeal against a 73-year-old woman, according to the city's District Attorney's Office. Otis Mason, 59, faced a jury trial leading to his conviction on charges of domestic violence, battery, and elder abuse for the attack on his former partner.

In a chilling episode on January 10th, the victim recounted how Mason entered her home and, amid unfounded accusations of infidelity, began to forcefully assault her. His attack culminated in leaving her fearing for her life as she fled into the rain-soaked streets, shoeless and bloodied. "The jury’s verdict delivers justice to the survivor of this violent attack," San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins asserted in a statement obtained by the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. The city is sending a clear signal, through this verdict, that it will not silently stand by and watch as its citizens suffer from domestic abuse.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Lee, who was instrumental in prosecuting the case, emphasized the significance of the jury's decision. "Intimate partner violence is a serious public safety concern as victims are placed in a vulnerable position due the position of trust within the relationship," Lee said according to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office

Despite the severity of the crime, Mason received credit for the 82 days he had already served, with the sentence passed down on April 4. The conviction and sentence highlight ongoing efforts to combat domestic violence in San Francisco. Victim Advocate Oscar Gonzalez played a pivotal role in supporting the victim throughout the trial. "Survivors are not alone and have an advocate in my office who will stand with them and fight for justice in the courtroom," Jenkins reassured. As signaled through these legal proceedings, the community's response aims to firmly draw a line protecting individuals from the intimacies turned weapons in such personal betrayals.

For those in need of assistance, resources for support are widely available. The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached by texting START to 88788 or calling 800.799.7233. Other vital services include the WOMAN, Inc 24/7 Support Line, the Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic, and La Casa De Las Madres Crisis text.