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Published on April 02, 2024
Tiger Woods Co-Founded PopStroke Launches Putting Adventure Venue Near Palm Beach AirportSource: PopStroke Official Website

The fairways near Palm Beach International Airport are about to get a lot more, shall we say, fun-sized. PopStroke, a high-concept putting adventure co-founded by golf legend Tiger Woods, has begun its transformation of leisure activities within a stone's throw of the tarmac. The company broke ground on March 25, 2024, for its latest venue right next to PBI, setting the stage for a departure from mundane airport waiting, according to Palm Beach County officials.

Vice Mayor Maria G. Marino was among the enthusiasts heralding the arrival of PopStroke's flagship project, which promises to blend a social hotbed with golfing pleasure. "We are thrilled to welcome PopStroke to this premier location adjacent to PBI," Marino said, her words underscored by the fanfare of breaking new ground—literally and figuratively, for the recreational landscape of Palm Beach. The new facility isn’t just a sports venue, it’s practically a launch pad for social engagement, boasting a two-story restaurant, a sushi bar, and an exclusive club with a perfect view across the greens.

What sets this location apart is not just its distinctive leisure combo but its strategic implantation in the heart of travel routes. With a seamless mix of golf and gastronomy, PopStroke is angling to become the go-to spot for itinerant leisure-seekers. Its proximity to the airport ensures that both locals and visitors alike won’t have to stray far to find entertainment and relaxation. Whether you're a pro with a putter or still figuring out which end of the golf club to hold, this place caters to all.

Never mind weary layovers or the usual pre-flight jitters. PopStroke is crafting the ultimate antidote to the airport bore—with complimentary shuttle services zipping passengers to and fro, and storage solutions for luggage, the outfit appears perfectly tailored to the jet-setting clientele. "Guests of all skill levels will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique golf experience," PopStroke officials said, describing an initiative that merges convenience with camaraderie.

Funded through a partnership that includes the very man synonymous with modern golf, Tiger Woods, and TaylorMade, PopStroke originated in 2019 and makes its headquarters in Jupiter, FL. This new venture by the greens gurus is an attempt to putter around with the concept of combining sport and socializing under the warm Florida sun—a testament to reshaping how we idle, especially in the shadow of flight paths.

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