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Published on May 15, 2024
Chicago Police Issue Community Alert for Garage Burglaries in 16th DistrictSource: Facebook/Chicago Police Department

Residents of Chicago's 16th District are on high alert after a spree of garage burglaries, prompting an official community alert from the Chicago Police Department. Between April 16 and May 12, there were multiple break-ins with the thief targeting tools and lawn care equipment by forcibly entering through the side doors of the garages, as per the Chicago Police Department.

The series of burglaries took place in various locations across the neighborhood. A statement from the CPD specifies the addresses and times, which include the 5700 block of North Melvina Ave. and the 5800 block of North Medina Ave., among others. One particular suspect has been described as a male black, who was spotted wearing a ski mask and a blue hooded sweatshirt brandishing a small Bears logo.

In response to the thefts, the police are urging residents to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity. Actions recommended for community members include ensuring garage doors are adequately secured, setting up functioning surveillance cameras, and being alert to unrecognized individuals or unusual cars in the area. "Be aware of this crime and alert your neighbors," as stated by the Chicago Police Department.

For those who witness a crime in progress or have relevant information, the Chicago Police suggest calling 911 with as much detail as possible. They ask the public to report "any suspicious people or vehicles loitering in the area," and specifically advise providing comprehensive descriptions of any offenders, including details such as vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers.