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Published on May 03, 2024
Dunwoody High Students Turn City Streets into Art Gallery with Storefront Exhibit InitiativeSource: City of Dunwoody Website

Dunwoody's streets are set to become a canvas for local high school talent as the Storefront Art exhibit gears up to showcase student masterpieces in shop windows across town. In an initiative by Dunwoody Economic Development, 15 Dunwoody High School students, who outshone their peers in a competitive selection, will have their work featured in local business storefronts, effectively turning the Dunwoody Village into an open-air gallery for the public to enjoy.

From over 70 artistic hopefuls throwing their hats - and canvases - into the ring with a plethora of 85 designs back in March, it was a cutthroat procedure to pick the cream of the crop, where business leaders ultimately pinpointed their favorites with top scores. "We appreciate our partnership with the City of Dunwoody, and we're proud of the leadership provided by our outstanding teachers in visual arts," Dunwoody High School Principal Tom Bass boosted student confidence, as reported by an official release by the City of Dunwoody. Each of the 15 victorious young artists will pocket $200 as a token for their creative efforts.

Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch was all praises for the initiative, highlighting the triad of benefits it offers - buoying small businesses, fostering school partnerships, and cementing public art's presence in the community. "I am so pleased that we are continuing this project, and I can't wait to share these students' works with the community," the Mayor enthused, expressing excitement for the artistic diffusion throughout the town.

Not merely ephemeral window dressing, the selected works may later grace the city in a more lasting form, as part of Dunwoody’s signature Green Light Art project-business like Sushi to Chupito's, the diversity of venues promises a full spectrum of aesthetics to flood foot traffic with color and creativity says Dunwoody Business and Cultural Development Manager Rosemary Watts, emphasizing the intent to drive more visitors to the area, as per the city's news release. It doesn't stop there, since last year's entries already line the walls inside Perimeter Mall, showing quite literally how today's shop display could turn into tomorrow's permanent exhibition.