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Published on May 27, 2024
Former Boston Police Officer Sentenced to 20 Months for Assaulting Officers During Capitol RiotSource: Google Street View

A former Boston Police Department officer was handed a 20-month prison sentence for his role in the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, where he assaulted law enforcement officers during the chaos when Congress was certifying the 2020 election results, according to the Department of Justice. Joseph Robert Fisher, 52, from Plymouth, Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to charges of civil disorder and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers and will face, alongside the prison time, two years of supervised release and a $2,000 restitution fee.

Fisher's conviction stems from his participation in the violent insurrection that sought to overturn the presidential election results. After attending the "Stop the Steal" rally, Fisher breached the Capitol and was caught on camera at about 2:24 p.m., ten minutes into the riot, entering the Crypt. There, he recorded the mayhem as rioters chanted "Stop the Steal," shaking the halls of American democracy. He subsequently engaged in violence against the officers tasked with the defense of the Congressional proceedings.

The assault occurred when Fisher, hidden behind a pillar, struck an officer with a chair as the officer pursued another rioter, an incident detailed by court documents. The former cop also grappled with the officer, aiding in the assailants' efforts to thwart law enforcement, as another rioter joined in the attack. The incident wound down with Fisher on the ground, leaving the Capitol shortly after at around 2:42 p.m., as per the Justice Department's statement.

Fisher was arrested on March 30, 2023, over two years following the insurrection. The FBI's Boston and Washington Field Offices, together with the U.S. Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department played a crucial role in bringing Fisher to justice. In the aftermath of January 6, more than 1,424 individuals have been charged with crimes related to the Capitol breach, making clear the far-reaching implications of that day's events. Over 500 of these individuals face charges for violent acts against law enforcement, which remains a striking figure in a saga that continues to reveal new facets as the investigation presses forward.