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Published on May 29, 2024
Garland Rallies to Restore Normalcy With Nearly 9,000 Homes Still Without Power After TempestSource: City of Garland

Tuesday's tempest left Garland grappling with widespread power outages and debris, but the city's recovery hustle bustles on. According to the City of Garland, some 35,000 residents served by Garland Power & Light and an additional 7,000 ONCOR customers were initially left in the dark. By Tuesday evening, the number without power had been reduced to 8,700.

The storm's sudden strike forced closures across the city, with City Hall and public buildings shutting down, axing regular services for the day. Mayor Scott LeMay acknowledged the setbacks, saying, as per the City of Garland, "not all recovery efforts would be completed overnight," and specified that repair crews must navigate the aftermath of street blockages cleared, before restoring all services. Though City Hall will reboot operations, four facilities, including the Firewheel Golf Park and three recreation centers, remain closed as the city assesses damages.

Travelers and commuters caught a break with 80 out of 100 traffic signals returning to life by nightfall. City workers have been plowing through the 180 reported incidents of street and alley blockages; by Tuesday evening, they had managed to clear the path through more than half of them.

Garland officials ask for a chunk of patience from the public as the clean-up crusade presses on. They promise to keep the updates coming and residents looped in through the city's website and social media streams. "We'll be posting the latest information as we have updates available," the City of Garland assured.