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Published on May 17, 2024
Homestead Couple Charged with First-Degree Murder After Death of Severely Abused InfantSource: Miami-Dade Corrections

A Homestead couple has landed behind bars, facing first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse charges after their baby girl died, allegedly showing signs of severe abuse, according to local authorities. Nathan Allen and Arnelle Floyd, both 24, were taken into custody Wednesday, subsequent to the tragic incident that unfolded when their 6-month-old infant died at Baptist Health Homestead Hospital on Sunday, as reported by NBC Miami.

Police records reveal a distressing scene where the infant, identified as Nalani Adalee Allen, was brought to the emergency room in cardiac arrest and unresponsive, where despite resuscitation attempts, she was pronounced dead, a search of the family's home later uncovered the premises in disarray with evidence of physical damage, such as multiple fist-sized holes in the walls and dents in the refrigerator door reflective of tumult. Arrest reports obtained by WSVN indicated that the parents gave no clear explanation for their daughter's grave condition, denying any known incidents that could have led to her injuries.

The heartbreaking details extend to an autopsy revealing the infant had "numerous fresh contusions, internal bleeding, large lacerations to internal organs and blunt force injuries throughout the torso," rendering the manner of death as homicide. Amidst these harrowing findings, neighbors have corroborated episodes of domestic violence at the Allen residence, aligning with the couple's history of disruptive behavior, as per NBC Miami report. 

In their respective interviews with the Miami-Dade Police homicide detectives, each parent negated the possibility of any recent trauma that would explain the infant's condition; Floyd claimed she left the infant in good health, and it wasn't until she received messages from Allen concerning their daughter's wellbeing that alarm bells rang. While Allen mentioned he found the infant lethargic after leaving her unattended for a time, but had not seen fit to seek immediate help. Both parents are now held without bond as they await the legal reckoning for their alleged heinous acts.

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