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Published on May 29, 2024
Milpitas Police Issue Warning as Mountain Lion Sighted at Local Mobile Home ParkSource: Milpitas Police Department

Milpitas residents are on edge as a mountain lion prowled around a local mobile home park in the early morning hours. The sighting occurred around 2 a.m. on Dixon Landing Road at the Friendly Village Mobile Home Park, as captured by a resident's Ring camera. The big cat was reported to be loitering near the BART tracks on the west side of the complex, according to the Milpitas Police Department.

In response, law enforcement swept the area, using drones equipped with thermal imaging to locate the elusive creature. Despite their efforts, the animal evaded detection. The Department of Fish and Game and Vector Control has been notified and is on the lookout for the feline visitor. Particularly, joggers and bicyclists are advised to stay alert, and the Milpitas Police are warned, as they might inadvertently cross paths with the mountain lion.

The police have issued guidelines for residents to safeguard themselves and their small pets, which are advised to be kept indoors alone and on a leash during walks. In a rare confrontation, the police suggest residents should not run or approach the animal, as it may trigger its chase instinct. "Running can often entice a predatory animal to chase," the police warned. Instead, should you encounter the mountain lion, attempt to "appear larger than the lion by waving your arms and speaking in a loud firm voice," which might dissuade the predator from seeing you as prey.

For the community's safety, the Milpitas Police Department urges anyone who spots the mountain lion to contact authorities immediately by calling 911. While sightings are rare, the presence of a mountain lion in a residential area is not taken lightly. Milpitas residents, especially those near the sighting scene, should exercise caution and remain vigilant during daily routines.