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Published on May 26, 2024
Minneapolis Embarks on Innovative Labor Initiatives and Community CelebrationsSource: BpA9543, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Minneapolis is on the move as city officials usher in a slew of progressive labor and community initiatives, starting with a trailblazing support program for struggling small businesses and a hard-won minimum wage boost for rideshare drivers. The Small Business High-Road Labor Standards Intervention Pilot Project—an effort born from a partnership between Rutgers University, the City’s Labor Standards Enforcement Division, and funded by the ARPA—has provided precious lifelines to local businesses, specifically those owned by individuals of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (I/BIPOC) identities by offering tools like HR software and financial advice, as detailed in a Ward 11 Newsletter.

The rideshare sphere, too, has felt the winds of change after the State Legislature and Governor established driver protections and minimum wage standards, pegging pay at a competitive $1.28 per mile and $0.31 per minute, ward council member Emily Koski celebrated these changes in a statement, pointing to the beneficial stability they'll afford to drivers and users alike; however, in the same breath, calls for a sustainable market are echoed, urging the integration of new companies to challenge the duopoly of rideshare giants. In response, Minneapolis will roll out Rideshare Driver workshops during the summer aimed at supporting the growth of fledgling and local transportation ventures, like Wridz and Myweels, noted in the newsletter.

In other citywide developments, Minneapolis parks are inviting locals to reopen public amenities such as beaches, pools, and splash pads—just in time for Memorial Day celebrations—the City's official website can be referenced for daily updates. Minneapolis doesn't forget its history either, with remembrance events marking the somber anniversary of George Floyd's passing, promoted in a cooperative effort with the George Floyd Global Memorial organization.

But it's not all solemn reflection—the city is buzzing with anticipation for the Minnesota Timberwolves leap into the Western Conference finals, a historic moment not seen in two decades, which the city is commemorating by temporarily decking out First Avenue with the team's colors and logos; meanwhile, Minneapolis gears up for National Night Out with the aim to bolster community engagement across the city.

Amidst these community-fostering events, Minneapolis remains focused on equitable access to resources, whether through a Renter Rights Resource Fair on the horizon or by facilitating a return of shared bike and scooter services with affordability and widespread distribution in mind. With the summer season beckoning, local farmers markets are welcoming the community with fresh, locally sourced foods, supported by incentive programs like Market Bucks, aligning with the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative goal to encourage sustainable, locally grown consumption. As spring comes into full swing and Minneapolis residents gear up for a bustling season ahead, the city continues to champion both collective celebration and reflective homage, honoring past sacrifices while building towards a progressive future.