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Published on May 01, 2024
Portland Braces for Wet Weekend, NWS Predicts Rain Showers and Inconsistent WindsSource: Google Street View

Portland, Oregon residents might want to keep their umbrellas handy for the days ahead, as the weather forecast promises a series of damp conditions. According to a recent update from the NWS Portland, Oregon, the city is currently experiencing partly cloudy skies with the temperature holding steady at 45°F and humidity levels at a moist 81%. A light breeze is coming in from the north at a negligible 0 MPH, giving the city some semblance of calm before the expected rain showers arrive.

The outlook for today suggests mostly cloudy weather with temperatures peaking near 59 degrees, a mild change for Portlanders who can expect calm winds shifting southwest later in the day. But make no mistake, tonight comes with a 70% probability of rain, and anyone stepping out post-11 p.m. might have to navigate through the mizzle. It appears the downpour won't be too severe, though, with new precipitation amounts expected to be between a tenth and quarter of an inch, as NWS Portland forecasts.

Tomorrow, the city will see a lingering 30 percent chance of rain before 11 a.m., but skies should clear up a bit for a partly sunny high near 63 degrees. Portland's weather pattern remains consistently inconsistent with the winds alternating directions throughout the day. After a potentially clearer Thursday night, Friday's forecast dishes out a 50 percent chance of rain after 11 a.m., ahead of a very wet weekend.

The rain seems to be setting up a home base in Portland for the weekend, with a 90% chance of rain on Friday night leading right into an 80% chance on Saturday. The highs will hover near the 58-degree mark. By Saturday night, rain is likely, mainly before 11 p.m., but don't expect the clouds to roll away just yet. The following week continues with more of the same: chances of rain dot the forecast, scarcely giving the sun a chance to peek through the clouds.