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Published on May 28, 2024
SF Dog 'Cushy-pup' Miraculously Unscathed After Being Chased Off Cliff by RaccoonsSource: San Francisco Fire Department

A San Francisco dog named Cushy-pup had a narrow escape after plunging off a cliff while chased by a raccoon gang. The canine's ordeal occurred on Turner Terrace in the Potrero Hill neighborhood last night. The dog fell down the steep embankment around 10:20 p.m., said authorities.

Almost 10 minutes later, San Francisco firefighters engaged in a rescue operation and hauled the beleaguered pooch back to the top. The San Francisco Fire Department posted, "One dog, 'Cushy Pup,' was rescued with no injuries by #yoursffd Rescue-2." According to SFFD, the dog was fortunate to have escaped the incident without a scratch.

Footage of the daring rescue surfaced online and featured firefighters diligently working to ensure Cushy-pup was safe. After the successful recovery mission, fire officials said in a social media post that the dog wasn’t injured. To the relief of many, the dog was soon back in the hands of its owner.

Residents of the neighborhood have expressed both concern and relief over the situation. Falling from cliffs while being pursued by wild animals is rare, and Cushy-pup's unscathed survival is seen as a fortunate twist of fate. "It was reported that raccoons chased Cushy-pup and fell off a cliff," the San Francisco Fire Department said in their public briefing. The dog's reuniting with its human companion quickly concluded the night's unexpected drama, as reported by KRON4 News.