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Published on May 17, 2024
SUV Plunges into Miami Lakes Canal, Driver Hospitalized with Unknown ConditionSource: Google Street View

Chaos ensued in Miami Lakes Thursday morning when an SUV lost control, propelling into a local canal. The incident occurred along Northwest 67th Avenue, just a stone's throw from Loch Ness Drive, around 10:35 a.m., disrupting the usually placid neighborhood. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue teams, dispatched to the scene, according to Local10.

Eyewitnesses watched, their hearts in throats, as the vehicle submerged. Desperate efforts by rescue crews followed. The driver, having steered past a sign, found herself inadvertently navigating her vehicle into wetter terrains, said a witness. Taken from the water's grip, the driver was rushed to a hospital out of an abundance of caution. Her condition has yet to be disclosed, as rescue teams and police cordoned off the area to make sense of the calamity, and the SUV has been retrieved from the aquatic grave.

Authorities have yet to decipher the events leading to the car's plunge. The accident brought local traffic to a standstill, with onlookers and first responders mingling amidst the confusion. Details remained scant as the day wore on, leaving the community in search of answers.

Despite the dramatic scene, the driver emerged with resilience. WSVN reports that she managed to exit the doomed SUV of her own volition, standing by the canal while waited for medical help. It's a miracle that, in spite of the unforeseen plunge, she sustained no serious injuries. While the vehicle is no more, the survivor's well-being provides some solace to the shaken locals.

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