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Published on June 15, 2024
Broward County Transit Joins Stonewall Wilton Manors Pride Parade with Decked-Out Bus in a Show of InclusivitySource: Wikipedia/Broward County Transit, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

As the sun sets on Broward County tonight, it won't just be another quiet evening. Instead, the streets will come alive with the vibrant colors and cheers of the Stonewall Wilton Manors Pride Parade, set to begin at 8PM along 4th Avenue. Adding to the procession this year, the Broward County Transit is bringing its own flair with a specially decorated bus joining the march toward equality and acceptance.

The involvement of Broward County Transit in this annual celebration is not just about visual spectacle, says Broward County Transit CEO/General Manager Coree Cuff Lonergan, it's a bold statement of the organization's values. "We are incredibly proud to be a part of this year's Stonewall Wilton Manors Pride Parade," Lonergan expressed in a statement, "Our participation highlights our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone in Broward County." Their creativity in decking out a bus is, no doubt, set to turn heads and spark conversation among the throngs of attendees.

An anticipated highlight of the local LGBTQ+ community's calendar, the Stonewall Wilton Manors Pride Parade draws spectators and participants from all walks of life. Broward County Transit's participation is a clear sign of its dedication to community spirit and aligns closely with the overarching message of the Pride movement – one that champions a more inclusive, diverse society.

In the wider context, Broward County Transit isn't just about festive parades. The organization provides essential transportation services across a territory spanning 410 square miles – linking Broward to the neighboring Miami and Palm Beach counties. Its commitment to equality and diversity extends beyond the colorful banners of a Pride parade; it's ingrained in the daily operations that connect a diverse populace to the pulse of the community. For more information on their routes and services, those interested can visit the Broward County Transit website or reach out to their customer service available seven days a week.

Whether you’re commuting daily or joining the cheers on the route of the parade tonight, Broward County Transit's message is clear: they drive with pride, and stand in solidarity with everyone who calls Broward County home. So as the decorations go up and participants ready their banners, it's not just a bus at a parade – it's a rolling testament to the community's shared journey towards inclusivity and respect for all.

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