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Published on June 23, 2024
CSAH 35 in Buffalo Reopens to Through Traffic Amid Ongoing Resurfacing ProjectSource: Google Street View

Relief comes to local commuters as traffic signs signifying detours along CSAH 35 in Buffalo find themselves relegated to the curb. For several days, travelers were compelled to reroute their paths due to resurfacing work stretching from Calder Avenue NE to Dague Avenue NE. According to a recent update from the Wright County Government, the initial phase of laying down the new bituminous layer has been completed, allowing the road to open once again through traffic.

The ongoing project, while at a stage permitting vehicles to pass, remains in a state of construction. Motorists are advised to continue to exercise caution — a fully completed road isn't there just yet. The final layer of bituminous is set to be applied next week. During this phase, the county has informed residents to expect traffic to be directed by flaggers, aiming to ensure a safely controlled flow as the remaining construction proceeds.

For those who have grown weary of the delays and circuitous journeys of the past few days, this development marks a return to the familiar, if only partial. However, with construction still underway, it's prudent not just to breathe a sigh of relief but also to remain vigilant. The county emphasizes that while the detour signs may be gone, attention and compliance with any temporary traffic controls are essential for the safety of both the workers and the public.

While the road to the final, smooth surface winds closer to an end, the very act of moving freely on CSAH 35 could be described as a tentative luxury. Drivers maneuvering in the area will continue to encounter some interruption, albeit less than before, and are encouraged to drive bearing the mindset that patience now will yield more enduring ease in times to come.