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Published on June 21, 2024
Glen Park Neighborhood Floods: Firefighters Thwart Water Main Break Damage in San FranciscoSource: San Francisco Fire Department

A water main break occurred this morning in San Francisco's Glen Park neighborhood, inundating streets and affecting multiple homes. At approximately 10:24 AM, the San Francisco Fire Department (#yoursffd) rushed to respond to reports of a street water main break on the 100 block of Laidley. The incident led to the flooding of water down Harper Street and Randall Street, according to the San Francisco Fire Department.

The situation called for an improvisational defense as firefighters from Battalion 6 quickly moved to prevent further property damage by using a fire hose to essentially create a makeshift barrier. This quick-thinking action was intended to deflect the onslaught of water and mud from infiltrating the residences of the community. The effort was initially effective, as mentioned by the San Francisco Fire Department, with additional help arriving from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (@MySFPUC) to aid in mitigating the incident.

Cleanup operations are underway as the SFFD works closely with seven homeowners to remove the unwelcome influx of water and mud from their homes. The fire department's latest update, posted at 12:01 PM, indicated that there had been no injuries reported. The extent of the potential displacement of affected residents is still to be ascertained. Information regarding the cause of the water main break has not been disclosed.