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Published on June 21, 2024
Homeless Man in Florida Allegedly Fakes Bomb Threat for Jail Shelter, Exposing Housing Crisis in Palm SpringsSource: Google Street View

In a stark illustration of the housing crisis gripping parts of Florida, a homeless man, Daniel Goss, aged 64, found himself in custody after allegedly perpetrating a bomb hoax at a Palm Springs Walgreens. This severe step was Goss’s desperate attempt for shelter, a motivation he has turned to before, including a prior incident in 2018 where he was arrested for stealing beer and admitted to doing so to seek refuge from the streets in jail, as reported by WFLA News.

The incident necessitated an evacuation of the store, adding stress to the community and redirecting emergency services, a post on X from WPTV confirmed. Sheriff-elect John Budensiek of Martin County, expressing his lack of surprise at the incident, stated, "You've heard the adage 'three squares and a cot', So we do see homeless individuals that intentionally get themselves arrested for misdemeanor crimes, for the most part, so they can be incarcerated just to have a place to stay out of the weather for a few days," as told to CBS12.

Reflecting on this unfortunate set of choices for the homeless, Budensiek revealed the Martin County Sheriff's Office proactive measures, offering transportation for homeless individuals to help them leave the county, it’s a community effort aimed at reducing incarceration costs while addressing the county's overburdened jail system, where an additional wing is currently in construction, specifically to assist inmates struggling with mental health issues.

The cost of this cyclical incarceration, borne by taxpayers, was highlighted by the authorities, in light of the ongoing construction, Budensiek says they keep their eyes out for people continuously committing victimless crimes and when possible, they try to divert them to a local shelter, working toward more sustainable solutions both for the individual and the county’s strained resources, as per CBS12.

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