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Published on June 12, 2024
Kaelie Lam Honored with Scott Cowan Memorial Scholarship by Friends of Daggerwing Nature Center for Environmental and Academic ExcellenceSource: Palm Beach County

The Friends of Daggerwing Nature Center (FOD), a non-profit dedicated to the uplift of local environmental education, has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering academic achievement and community service through the award of the annual Scott Cowan Memorial Scholarship. This year's recipient, Kaelie Lam, stands as a testament to the organization's investment in the leaders of tomorrow, with her efforts both in academia, as a Dean's Honor Roll student at Florida Atlantic University dual enrollment program, and as a volunteer at Daggerwing Nature Center.

Lam's dual pursuit of a high school diploma and an undergraduate biochemistry degree encapsulates a work ethic and fervor for knowledge that FOD aims to cultivate among young scholars, particularly those like Lam who aspire to shape the future of pharmaceutical sciences. "We are pleased to present this year’s scholarship award to Kaelie Lam and grateful to the visitors, donors, and members whose financial support make this award possible," Edith Cowan, Scholarship committee chair and mother of the late Scott Cowan for whom the scholarship is named, told Discover PBCGov.

In the spirit of remembrance and continuation of Scott Cowan's legacy, the scholarship has been a beacon of encouragement for young volunteers committed to environmental stewardship and academia since 2017, this being the seventh consecutive year that it has been awarded by FOD.

Through initiatives like the Scott Cowan Memorial Scholarship, FOD not only commemorates the life of a community member but also reinforces the integral bond between education and service, a nexus that Daggerwing volunteer Kaelie Lam embodies, the non-profit organization was formed to help support and expand Daggerwing Nature Center’s programs and activities, thus benefiting families and schools throughout the local communities—evidence that FOD's roots in the community, along with its passion for nurturing the growth of its youth, run deeply as ever.

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