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Published on June 12, 2024
Key Bicayne Council Enacts Permanent Ban on Motorized Scooters and E-Bikes Following Recent FatalitySource: Unsplash/ Kamil Kalkan

In a move to prioritize public safety, the Village of Key Biscayne Council has solidified its stance against motorized scooters and electric bicycles by upholding a permanent ban on these vehicles on village streets. This legislation follows a grim incident where 66-year-old Megan Andrews was fatally struck by a 12-year-old riding an e-bike, as reported by WSVN. Andrews, a revered member of the Key Biscayne community was hit on February 14, an event that propelled the emergency council meeting leading to the now permanent prohibition.

Moving past temporary measures initiated on February 16, the council's latest decision crystallizes efforts that have been years in the making to mitigate concerns that have continually surfaced due to the perceived growing safety hazard posed by e-bikes and scooters, as covered in a report by CBS Miami. Village Manager Steve Williamson emphasized the collective responsibility in upholding safety, stating, "As we address safety concerns and explore avenues to adapt village-specific regulations within county and state laws, it is crucial that everyone in our community does their part to maintain safety on our streets."

The collaboration between Key Biscayne officials and Miami-Dade County is a pivotal aspect of this ordinance, with the County's Board of Commissioners recently voting to provide Key Biscayne more authority over enforcement on Crandon Boulevard. These tightened controls aim to tailor safety regulations to the distinct mode of transport, location, and age of the operator. The State of Florida will also be involved in shaping laws to ensure the safety of motorized scooters and e-bike use across the region.

Key Biscayne Police Chief Frank Sousa expressed readiness for enforcement under the new conditions saying, "Public safety is our top priority, with the new ordinance in place, our officers are prepared to enforce the rule through police presence and proper fines, ensuring compliance and addressing violations," according to CBS Miami. As Key Biscayne forges ahead with this regulation, other South Florida communities, like Bal Harbour, watch closely, considering similar public safety measures in response to a growing concern surrounding the use of these electric conveyances.

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