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Published on June 21, 2024
Miami Community Rallies Behind Luna Pasta e Dolci After Fifth Break-In Rocks Family-Owned EaterySource: Google Street View

The occurrence of multiple break-ins at Luna Pasta e Dolci, a family-owned eatery in Miami, has attracted attention after the establishment suffered its fifth burglary within two months. The thieves have caused considerable tension and financial strain on the business, which has been a part of the Miami community for almost seven years.

Owner Gabriel Medici, reeling from the constant attacks on his livelihood, shared with 7News that every window shattered translates into an expense he can ill afford – approximately $1,500 each. Despite installing improved security measures after the initial burglaries, including surveillance cameras, Medici's establishment continues to be targeted. "They broke a window, they got in, they stole some money from the register, not much. That’s it, they left. Then, [they broke in] a week later again, and a week later again," Medici told 7News.

The most recent incident, captured on camera, shows a perpetrator using a rock to break the glass and enter the establishment. Alberto Fernandez, the manager of Luna’s takeout location, described the assaults as a "nightmare," with damages from the burglaries setting them back thousands of dollars. "He tried looking everywhere, he broke a few computers, our register, our system," Fernandez recounted to NBC Miami.

Community members have rallied behind the beleaguered eatery. Medici established a GoFundMe campaign to help recover from the financial implications of the repeated break-ins. The fundraiser appeals to the public for support to help repair and restore the restaurant. "The whole neighborhood is helping me also. We put [up] a GoFundMe, and people have donated money," Medici said, acknowledging the community's response to their predicament.

Authorities are actively seeking information regarding the burglaries. Anyone with insights into these incidents is encouraged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. The establishment and police believe that there may be individuals in the community with knowledge about the identity of the burglars, and any assistance could be crucial in preventing future incidents.

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