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Published on June 11, 2024
Morehouse College Hosts Camp HBC-Youth Celebrating HBCU Culture and Educational Enrichment for Atlanta's YoungstersSource: Google Street View

As the Atlanta sun beams onto the historic grounds of Morehouse College, a unique summer camp, Camp HBC-Youth, has taken root, celebrating HBCU pride and fostering educational enrichment among young students. WABE reports that this program isn't your ordinary summer hangout. It's a place where kids, like Derrick Skinner's daughter, find themselves torn between the warmth of a parent's embrace and the joy of learning amongst peers who share a similar cultural lineage.

Skinner expressed to WABE his appreciation for the camp, "To be able to have my daughter look up to people that look like her and really gain some type of knowledge and experience from that is super important … it’s amazing." The camp's inception highlights an overarching goal: to provide a space not only for leisure but also for growth and learning during the summer break. Reagan Fresnel, founder and Spelman College alumna, believes in the value of HBCU principles exposure at an early age and aims to integrate more historically Black institutions into the program next year.

Engagement and resilience form the crux of Camp HBC-Youth's curriculum, challenging campers to work together and develop crucial emotional and social skills. As Mickle watches campers collaborate, he conveyed to WABE, "We want them to be able to explore [and] build their social and emotional skills while working with their teammates." The start of this year's camp, delayed due to water disruptions in Atlanta, served as an unintentional but fitting testament to the program's core teaching of resilience.

Amidst setbacks, the assurance of a full and enriching summer remains, with the camp running through early August. Fresnel has voiced her hopes for the initiative, "We’re already planting the seeds of higher education and HBCUs," she told WABE. "And hopefully [students will] even envision themselves on that campus." Together, both staff and campers at Morehouse College are nurturing a new generation grounded in the rich tradition and educational excellence synonymous with HBCUs.