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Published on June 21, 2024
Redwood City Man Arrested for New Year's Eve Shooting After Six-Month ProbeSource: Google Street View

A Redwood City man has been apprehended following a lengthy six-month investigation into a firearms incident that took place on New Year's Eve. The suspect, identified as Juan Jose VeraGaleana, 23, was arrested on charges of unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm in public, and possession of a false identification card, according to a statement released by Sergeant Rich Santiago of the Redwood City Police Department.

The events unfolded on the evening of January 1, when officers were called to the scene in the 500 block of Stambaugh Street after multiple gunshots were reported. At the time, spent and unspent bullets, including .45 caliber and 9mm casings, were recovered, but no suspects were immediately linked to the act. The New Year’s celebrations, a time when such reckless behavior can quickly become occluded by the noise and jubilation of the hour, saw community members, including children, present at the time of the shooting.

In a press release published on June 20th, the Redwood City Police Department detailed the extensive efforts made to bring the perpetrator to justice. The department's Street Crime Suppression Team, assisted by the Investigations Unit, served a search warrant on VeraGaleana's residence on June 19, nearly half a year after the incident.

The search yielded incriminating evidence, including a .45 caliber handgun, .45 caliber, and 9mm ammunition, along with firearm accessories. Authorities also discovered a forged California identification card bearing VeraGaleana’s photo but featuring the name and ID number of an unrelated individual. Police managed to finally obtain an admission and video of the incident from VeraGaleana, culminating in his arrest and subsequent booking into the Maguire Correctional facility for the three felony violations.