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Published on June 20, 2024
Sandy Springs Broadens Public Art Collection With 4 New SculpturesSource: Sandy Springs Gov

Sandy Springs is upping its art game, with the City Council recently giving the go-ahead to broaden its public art portfolio by snagging four more sculptures, the City's collection now hitting a cool 33 pieces.

In a move during Tuesday's meeting, the council didn't just open the wallet to secure three new pieces but also welcomed a donation, and here's the scoop: the piece 'Caprice,' a combo of stainless steel and bronze work by Charles Pilkey, is a gift from Art Sandy Springs and it's pegged to jazz up the Abernathy Arts Center.

But wait, there's more—three sculptures are getting a one-way ticket to Sandy Springs courtesy of the city checkbook; we're talking "Nesting" by Richard Herzog, a mix of steel and driftwood, for a cool $11,000 set to land at Morgans Falls Overlook Park, then "UpCycle" which is Joni Younkins-Herzog's spin on steel, bicycle wheels, and a splash of paint, tagged at $4,600, eyes set on Abernathy Greenway South, and with the painted steel of "Flowing Arches" by Matty Moyer, a steal at $5,700, that's en route to being a permanent fixture at Windsor Meadows Park.

These latest acquisitions are the cherry on top from last year's Arts in the Open sculpture competition, a shindig that has artists from coast to coast throwing their hats into the ring since 2018, Sandy Springs teams up with Art Sandy Springs for this annual creative showdown, the finalists get the chance to show off around the City Green before some get the nod to join the public collection full time.

For those itching for more deets on the public art blowout or anything else Sandy Springs, hit up their website, or give the Citizen Response Center a ring at 770-730-5600, and to keep up with the latest updates, checking out the Sandy Springs' traffic news at X or diving into community stories, Facebook at @SandySpringsGA and Instagram @CityofSandySprings is where it’s at.